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We will start selling firewood for camping.


Use: Recommended for camping and bonfires, including wood stoves.


Tree species: Cedar, walnut, elm, kaya, beech, park, cypress, red pine, pine, oak, zelkova, tamo, chestnut, zelkova, etc. It is an entrusted mix of coniferous and broad-leaved trees.

Packing size: We will ship with a total of about 120 cardboard boxes on all sides.

* In some cases, we may change the cardboard size.

note that.

* Recycled cardboard may be used.

Thank you for your understanding.


Weight: Approximately 18 kg or more


・ Collection amount: ¥ 1200 (Location is Koto Ward) We will increase the amount by service.

・ In case of pick-up, do not make online payment

Please contact us using the inquiry form.

* Cash payment will be made locally.

* We also sell on other sites (Rakuma, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.)

We have received high praise. 

* There is some variation in size. note that.

* It is a natural tree. Please purchase only those who can understand.

* Weight includes the weight of the packing box.

* It will be considerably cheaper if you pick it up.

* It is not a material with basic leather, but the end of a solid material used in well-dried houses, furniture, interior goods, etc.

Natural firewood 18 kg Hardwood & softwood mix

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