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​For corporate and individual customers

Since it was founded in 1957, it has been involved in "living" and "building" such as government offices, public facilities, hospitals, educational facilities, offices, showrooms, stores, and housing.

I have continued to work. At our company, based on general housing material sales (timber industry), general construction, store design / construction, remodeling / renovation design and construction, building repair work, interior work, exterior work, custom furniture, custom wood products, objects, custom metal products, In all areas such as custom-made signs, etc.


The source of our corporate strength is the experience and achievements we have accumulated over many years, such as our own factory with full facilities, the ability to respond to all requests, and the proposals that can only be made by a manufacturer with manufacturing responsibility.

Flow from inquiry to delivery (case of furniture)

01 01

Contact Us

First of all, please contact us by using the inquiry form, fax, or telephone. We will ask you anything about your design, color, material, budget, etc.

02 02

rough estimate

We will make a rough estimate based on the customer's request, so please refer to it.
A formal quote will be made at a later date.

03 03

Detailed meeting

We will listen to the customer's request in detail and make a furniture drawing while sometimes making a proposal from here. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will draw as many times as you like until you are satisfied.

04 04

Contract / down payment

If you are satisfied with the official quotation and furniture drawings, you will be contracted.

Once you have officially placed your order, you will be required to pay a down payment to start production.

05 05


I will start making furniture. The production period will vary depending on the content of your order, so we will contact you in advance regarding the production period.

06 06

delivery of materials

Once the furniture is complete, we will deliver and install the furniture on your desired schedule. Installation is basically done by the craftsman in charge of furniture production.

07 07

​Balance payment

After receiving the furniture, you will be required to pay the balance.

07 07

​After service

Even after delivery, we will respond to furniture repairs and maintenance. Please feel free to contact us.

​Safe and secure material​

Unfortunately, the market is full of lumber with unclear quality and origin.
There are cases where it is distributed from malicious logging.

JAS standard materials are said to be displayed after confirming their quality.

Due to the time and effort required for manufacturing control, etc.

Only about 20% is distributed in the market.

(JAS lumber products are the Act on Japanese Agricultural Standards, etc.

(Products certified based on the JAS Law)

At Kakuju, as a reliable lumber shop, construction company, and furniture shop, JAS lumber products with clear quality and products are available.
To be able to offer at a reasonable price

I am doing my best.


​Abundant tree species​


Sugi, cypress, zelkova, red pine, black pine, black pine,

Spruce, Western red cedar, white pine,

Redwood, Sakura, Douglas-fir, Peeler, Pine,

Walnut Monkey Pod

Ebony, Yakusugi, Hiba, Nezuko,

Persimmon, metasequoia, rose, ginkgo,

Oak beech teak mahogany

Yellow Hardwood Wenge

Plum, enoki, olive, 槐, poplar,

Kaya, yellowfin, morus alba, chestnut,

Wig, maple, walnut, maple,

Serankanbatsu, Spanish mackerel, Sapele,

Tamo, camellia, etc.

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